Foreign Logistics and Trade

Ministry of

Resolution 74/2020 – Buenos Aires City 03/24/2020

Afip – Decree No. 297/2020

Buenos Aires City – Monday 23rd March 2020

Social, Preventive and Mandatory Isolation

Argentine Republic’s Official Bulletin


Storage and movement in harbour and warehouses

Import and export.

Company registration to official organizations.


Exporting will allow you to

Become part of the global market due to economic globalization

Take advantage of more opportunities in the market through preferential agreements.

Diversify products and marketplaces to face international competition

Cover the risk of being in just one marketplace (because the world is the market)

Gain leverage in comparative advantages

Have more possibilities when competing with the international market in terms of price and quality

Ensure the company’s survival in the long term

Utilise the company’s production capacity

Logistics and foreign trade